Fantasy Tan Solutions Deliver The Perfect, Natural-Looking Tan Every Time<br /> 			Our Tans Look Better Because Our Formulas Are Engineered Better

Other Companies Have Adopted “One-Size-Fits-All”
And “More Is Better” Approaches. We Simply Take the
“Make Your Tan Look Natural & Healthy” Approach.

Let’s face it—your customers are going to come back for more tanning if—and only if—they are satisfied with the quality of the tan they get from you. Fantasy Tan lets you accomplish that with superior equipment, superior training… and SUPERIOR SOLUTIONS.

If you think all spray tanning solutions are created equally, think again. It’s not even close. Just because all of the major brands are DHA-based formulas doesn’t mean they’re the same. No more so than grape Kool-Aid is the same as a fine wine. The difference is that our formulas are engineered to look realistic, not to force the tan to look as dark as possible as soon as possible—which is precisely the downfall of all the major competitor brands.

Retail Products



Bronzing Shimmer Stick

If you’re ready to “spice it up,” then FIRE by Fantasy Tan is perfect for you!

Think of FIRE as ICE’s naughty twin; use this self-applied tan enhancer any time you want to attract every eye in the room. Perfect for parties, weddings, or a night out with the girls.

FIRE gives you pinpoint control over the darkness of your tan—but with a not-so-subtle hint of sparkle and shine. And because it’s purely cosmetic (contains no skin-coloring DHA), it washes of the next day when you return to your regular life.

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Iridescent Shimmer Stick

For skin that GLOWS… and then some, try ICE—Fantasy Tan’s new iridescent shimmer stick.

ICE is perfect for those occasions when you want a subtle, understated shine without adding any color to your skin. If FIRE is for special occasions, think of ICE as your everyday enhancer.

ICE is a self-applied, purely cosmetic application. Made from natural ingredients, it won’t run or fade, and won’t stain your clothes. Apply ICE before going to work, as you head out for dinner, or after working out. It’s a perfect way to feel more confident any time, any place.

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Green Tea Body Wash

Indulge in our new Green Tea Body Wash to discover how smooth, supple and radiantly beautiful your skin can be. This formula is specially made to hydrate your skin and protect your Fantasy Tan® from prematurely fading. This body wash will wash away everyday dirt and grime without stripping your skin.

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Green Tea Moisturizer

Fantasy Tan’s new exclusive formula absorbs quickly, is non-sticky, has a light green tea scent, and the softness lasts for hours. This product hydrates the skin, and should ideally be applied at least twice a day. For maximum results, your clients should use a product that facilitates the skin’s acceptance of the spray tan, by keeping the skin moisturized, but not oily. The better the condition of your client’s skin, the better the spray tan.

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Tan Extender

Tan Extender is a moisturizer with DHA in it, but it is NOT a daily hydrating moisturizer, and should not be used daily. This unique formula can help to enhance the color of their spray on tan and extend its life. The product is intended to bring back the tan’s “life”. Excessive use of the Tan Extender will make the tan “brassy” and could leave behind streaks if not used correctly. Do not use Tan Extender on hands and feet.

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Bronzing Mist

Fantasy Tan’s Rebuild contains DHA and is intended to touch up prematurely faded areas in between spray tanning sessions or it can be used for an all over tan. This product will not produce the same tan as a professional application. Full body tan results are a function of application skill, amount of product exposure, technique, skin type and condition. The product does contain an instant cosmetic bronzer that will wash off in the shower. Do not spray in eyes and use in well-ventilated areas.

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Gentle Exfoliating Gloves

These gloves are woven to gently and effectively exfoliate the skin in preparation of your spray tan session. For softer, healthier, and cleaner looking skin, apply Refresh – Green Tea Body Wash in the bath or shower, and use the gloves – massaging in circular motions over the body to cleanse and massage, and exfoliate dead skin cells. (Be careful not to injure or irritate the skin.)

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Different Formulas For Different Skin Types &
Different Desired Outcomes

Mix & Match to Achieve Any Natural-Looking Shade Imaginable



Youth is the world’s first spray on tanning formula. Youth was created to give fair skinned clients that flush look that comes from the beginning stages of UV tanning that develops into a light-golden, healthy glow. Youth is our most famous color. While Youth was specifically created for very fair skinned clients, it is commonly used on all skin types because of its realistic effects. Youth is also available in clear.



Needing something that looked like a more mature tan consistent with a week’s worth of UV tanning, Fantasy Tan created Luck. This formula is often combined with Youth for clients that are addicted to that realistic flush look. Luck is also available in clear.



Let the red carpets roll! Fame is designed to be the perfect tan that you see celebrities flaunting in the spotlight. It’s “not too light” and “not over done.” Fame looks like the sun soaking, pure relaxation tan that one can expect to get from a two-week-long vacation in the Caribbean. Fame is not recommended for very fair skin.



“I’m screaming for attention”, is the effect embellished in our world-famous Style. This fun formula was designed to keep all eyes on you. Its unique bronze cast and mysterious persona will make its wearer the center of attention.



“Darker please. More tan, I want more Tan!” What could we say, other than YES? We realized that some customers want to be dark, but they have differing opinions on what they think is dark. So, Bliss was created as another color for those clients that want to push their limits without looking orange; but rather, have some flushed color with their indulgence. Bliss is a formula that keeps tanning up to 48 hours.

Twinkle Tan®

Topical Shimmer

Twinkle Tan is the ultimate glamour tan that’s ideal for cocktails, clubbing, special events. It can be applied over any Fantasy Tan to add a gorgeous shimmer that will make you shine.

Fantasy Tan Beats Other Solutions
Hands-Down In Every Single
Comparison Category That Matters…

Tanning Solution Features Fantasy Tan Other Solutions
Number of Unique Colors 5 1 or 2
Dry Time On Skin (Before Dressing) 1 – 3 Minutes 10 – 20 Minutes
Shelf Life 1 Year 3 Months – 1 Year
Total Range Of Colors YES NO
Clear Solutions (no cosmetic bronzers) YES NO
Spray-On Pre-Treatment (dry skin conditioner) YES NO
Bronzer Tinting Drops (cosmetic) YES SOME
Tropical Twinkle Solution (for shimmer) YES SOME
Fragrance-Free YES SOME
Alcohol Free YES SOME
Paraben Free YES SOME
Natural Ingredients YES SOME
Moisturizing To The Skin YES SOME
Unlimited Color Blending YES SOME
BEST For Salon owners whose clients want a tan customized to their skin tone, dries quickly, looks & feels natural, fades evenly and is mild to the skin (does not cause dryness) Salon owners whose clients don’t mind risking a brassy “orange” look and can live with uneven fading, dry skin, and a “sticky” feeling all day after applying the product.


DHA Is The Key Ingredient
In Any Spray Tanning Solution.

But All DHA Formulas Are Not Created Equal. In Fact, It’s Not Even Close.

4 Things You Should Know About DHA—What To Look For… And Watch Out For

DHA is the active ingredient shared by all spray tanning solutions. It’s a totally natural, completely safe substance derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. When DHA and other complementary ingredients are applied to the body, they naturally respond to the amino acids in the outer layer of the skin and change its color to a tan tone that looks great. The tan generally lasts for 7 to 10 days depending on the skin type, additives, and other factors.

But even ignoring the major problems that can arise from inferior equipment and/or poorly trained technicians, tanning solution itself isn’t guaranteed to give your customers a great tan just because it contains DHA. The problems with other formulas—and Fantasy Tan’s solutions—are:

The “One-Size-Fits All;
Good Luck With That” Problem

The Problem: Most brands of solutions are available in just ONE color. Just one. Imagine if makeup or hair color only came in ONE color—it simply wouldn’t work for most people! But somehow the other tanning companies have decided that regardless of underlying skin tone/color, regardless skin type, regardless of desired final color… everyone has to use the same color.

Fantasy Tan Solution: We have 5 different colors, and two of the formulas are also available in clear. This allows you to create an exact, perfect mix for any given client. All colors can be mixed in any proportion with other colors, allowing for an infinite number of shades. Even though the mixing process is very simple for your technician, your client perceives value in the time it takes and the care you place on this process. The result is your clients get a better looking tan that they perceive is worth more—so you make more money.

The “Forced Tan; You Look
Like A Dorito” Problem

The Problem: Since most brands only have one color formula, they have to compensate for customers who want darker tans by simply globbing more tanning solution on them or they use solutions with ridiculous amounts of DHA in order to FORCE color. This leads to a host of problems, ranging from the customer feeling like they’re wearing a layer of sticky, dried soda, to unnatural colors that make customers look weird. When a spray tan is first applied, the resulting color is from the cosmetic bronzers in the formula, NOT from the DHA—which naturally takes about 8 to 12 hours to fully activate. The result is customers that really have NO/DHA what the extra DHA will do to their skin or how it will look the next day. Usually, not so good.

Fantasy Tan Solution: Our solutions are all designed to complement your customers’ natural skin tones; this happens through a combination of training—knowing which solution goes best with which skin tones—and quality of solutions—no “globbing” is required to attain the desired darkness. Applying more solution doesn’t help a tan look better any more than using an entire bottle of shampoo on your hair at one time will make your hair cleaner. For us, it’s all about training and superior formulas.

The “Too Much Of A Good Thing;
You Look Like A Lizard” Problem

The Problem: Since DHA is the active ingredient that causes the tan, other companies think that simply putting a higher concentration of DHA in their formulas is a good thing. Some companies even brag about concentrations as high as 10, 15, and even 20% DHA!—trust me, not a good thing. All this DHA will make your customers look more tan, but it comes with a price. It will dry out their skin and leave their skin patchy with a “lizardy” look and feel. I think we can all agree that the words “spray tan” and “lizard” are ever good when used together.

Fantasy Tan Solution: Our 5 formulas use reasonable levels of DHA, but nowhere near 10, 15, or 20% levels of some other companies (the exact percentages/formula have always been a trade secret, but have never exceeded 10% DHA). To achieve the darker skin tones in our darker formulas, the level of DHA is mixed with other tanning agents to create the desired effect. Our formulas do not dehydrate the skin, are smooth to the touch, and absorb faster on the skin because of the smaller particle size produced by our superior sprayers.


(About Solutions)

Q: What Is DHA? Is It Safe?A: DHA is the main ingredient in our sunless tanning products. It is a simple, non-toxic sugar that is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. When applied to the body, DHA will respond to the amino acids on the outermost layer of the skin, changing its color to a tan tone that looks beautiful. It is completely safe. We also offer nasal filters for people to feel more comfortable. In addition, we have the Demistifier exhaust booth which extracts 99% of tanning overspray. This patented exhaust system removes overspray by capturing and filtering solution particles from the air.

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Q: So Is “The More DHA, The Better” A True Statement?

A: No! What you should look for is a good formula that goes on as light as possible but still gets the job done. You don’t want to glob a bunch of DHA on your customers any more than you’d want to use an entire bottle of shampoo to wash your hair. All the extra shampoo doesn’t make your hair any cleaner, it just creates a huge mess and wastes your money. Similarly, companies that make concentrations of 10, 15 and even 20% DHA are just setting their customers up for a tan that looks horrible, dries out their skin, and feels tacky to the touch.

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Q: How Is A Tan From DHA Different From The One I Get From Tanning Booths or The Sun?

A: DHA reacts with the amino acids in your skin to change the color temporarily and naturally (generally lasting about 7 to 10 days). The effect is completely safe and is temporary because the outer layer of your skin is continually replacing dead cells with new ones. Both the sun and tanning booths darken the skin by exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV); when exposed, cells known as melanocytes produce brown pigment called melanin, which darkens the skin as a natural defense against the UV radiation. Read more about the risks associated with UV tanning by clicking here.

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Why Do Some Tans Make People Look Like They Rolled In Orange Doritos?

A: Unnatural orange tones are usually the result of either too high of a concentration of DHA in the tanning formula, or over-application of a properly concentrated formula. Other companies generally only offer one color, and their formulas often contain DHA levels that are too high to deliver a natural looking tan.

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Q: Are There Any Cosmetics Or Colorants In The Solutions?

A: Yes. DHA takes 8 to 12 hours to realize its full color potential. 5 of our solutions are mixed with cosmetic bronzers to give your customers’ skin a beautiful cosmetic tan while the DHA is activating. 2 of our solutions are clear and therefore do not contain any cosmetic bronzer. Your skin will gradually darken over the first 8-12 hours until it reaches its full color potential.

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Q: Why Does Fantasy Tan Have 5 Different Tanning Solution Colors?

A: To make sure that your technicians can always deliver the precise color that your customers want. Most other companies only offer one or (maybe) two colors, so they are forced to attempt to adjust the color by applying more or less solution. This “trial and error” process often results in error (orange and/or dried out skin) more often than not.

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Q: How Long Will A Fantasy Tan Last?

A: The average result is 7 to 10 days of color. Factors such as skin type, activities, and maintenance may cause results to vary.

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Q: How Long Does It Take To Apply?

A: A full body session takes about 10 minutes depending on equipment settings and technician technique. Your client’s first visit will take longer as you need to allow time for the client consultation. You will use this time to explain the process to your client as well as setting realistic expectations.

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Q: Can I Use Fantasy Tan If I’m Pregnant?

A: There are no known side effects from the application of Fantasy Tan. As a precaution, if you are pregnant, you should always consult with your physician or other qualified health care provider before receiving a spray tan or any beauty or skin care application.

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Q: I Read Something About Your Equipment Makes A Difference – What Does That Mean?

A: Fantasy Tan’s equipment has been created using medical grade air compression technology that delivers a much finer mist that can be more precisely applied than other equipment. This allows properly trained technicians to deliver more realistic looking tans, waste less solution, and leave customers feeling more comfortable.

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