Far Superior To Other Tanning Systems We’ve Used.

As a customer of Fantasy Tan for over 4 years now, I can’t sing Fantasy Tan’s praises enough. We have 4 units between 2 locations serving a large group of loyal airbrush tanning clients. Not only are the machines easy to use & maintain, the colors are fabulous & easily tailored to complement each individual’s unique skin tone. We receive numerous compliments & referrals from our clients.

Prior to purchasing our first Fantasy Tan unit, our Pittsburgh location had the SunSpritz —a 6 second spray tan booth. What a difference Fantasy Tan has made to our sunless tanning business. There is no comparison between the cost to use & the quality of tan. Fantasy Tan is far superior, our customers are ecstatic with the results and our business is going strong.

I would highly recommend Fantasy Tan to any salon or spa owner looking to venture in to the sunless spray tanning market.

Lindsay Moyes

General Manager of Body Bar, Pennsylvania
Customer since May 2008

Spray Tanning Unlike Any Other—Customers Keep Coming Back!

When I first began my spray tanning adventure, I went the cheap route and purchased an HVLP system. I had no training, no recommended solution line, and no customer service or marketing support behind the product. Needless to say, the first few months of offering this service were not successful. I was a Fantasy Tan believer after Lester came into my salon to demo equipment and products. I was impressed by how easily portable the equipment was, how evenly and effectively the two different spray tools applied the tan and most importantly, how natural-looking the actual end result was. I am constantly reassuring clients that I will not turn them orange and I can confidently guarantee that using Fantasy Tan products.

I frequently hear from new clients that the application of my spray tan is unlike any other they have received (and many of my clients are experienced spray tanners). The attention to detail, the natural-looking color and the subtle (non-splotchy) fading of my product keeps them coming back. The spray tan industry is getting more saturated by the day and using top-of-the-line equipment and products is what sets me apart from my competition. I have been exclusively using Fantasy Tan products for 3 years now and I will never use anything else.

Brenna Benson,

Owner of Bronzeology, Arizona
Customer since September 2009

No More Orange Skin
Tanning Struggles!

As a Fantasy Tan Product user there are many things that come to mind about how much I believe in this product. I am married to a red head and we all know that they have very porcelain skin. I have found myself over the years staring at orange skinned girls/woman who always struggle with their spray tanning experience. I find myself using my husband as a tool to cater to this clientele and have had remarkable referrals for the amazing tans I have sprayed because of this product.

I started using Fantasy Tan for my business 3 years ago. The customer service and the people who are employed by them are always ready to help you out and make sure you are on your right path. Not only through ordering product, but also the technician support when you should need it. Every time I call and speak with them I feel like I have known them for years….. Or maybe I just talk that much haha!

Fantasy Tan is a product that everyone should love and want to use for their business. With the certified technicians that train you, there is no doubt in my mind that you should be successful while using Fantasy Tan products properly.

Laura Messer,

Owner of Golden Gleaux, Louisiana
Mobile customer since October 2009

Flawless Tans That Feel & Smell Good… And Makes Me Money.

I have been an esthetician and air brush tanner in the Chicago area for over 20 years using Fantasy Tan since 2006. Since I have started using Fantasy Tan, it has turned around my business for the better by getting me more access to clients that I probably wouldn’t see if I wasn’t offering the service. People seek out Fantasy Tan by name and immediately call to make an appointment. It is instant money in my pocket it also gives me a captive audience to recommend other services I offer. Not only does Fantasy Tan provide a flawless, real looking tan with customized colors, state of the art equipment and great customer service; it has a product that feels and smells good on the skin and keeps clients coming back. I will continue using Fantasy Tan and recommend that you do too.

Madeline Galletta

Owner of Le NuVo Salon and Spa, Illinois
Customer since August 2006

Quiet Enough That I Can Talk To My Clients While Tanning Them!

Since 2009, I was paying to get my daughter spray tanned at a salon that used Fantasy Tan products. I always loved the way that her skin and color looked. I could never tell that it was a spray tan. It looked so real. I love the Fantasy Tan products and all my clients love them also. I have never had a client call me to complain about the product. I have had so many great compliments using Fantasy Tan. I appreciate that my clients trust me enough with my product that I can explain to them how well spray tanning is and that they give me the trust to use what color or colors would look best with their skin tone.

I love my job and I can’t say enough about how much I love Fantasy Tan products. My clients love the fact that my unit is quiet and they can hear our conversations while I am spray tanning them. I also would like to add that my training with Toby was great experience and I really felt that I learned a lot from her. But I also have to give a lot of credit to Erin from the very first time I called looking into buying my whole unit and products she was great. I LOVE my fantasy tan and I love my job. I hope that everyone would choose Fantasy Tan.

Debi Brown

Owner of Body B Tan, California
Customer since March 2012

I Loved The Fact That You Are Able To Cocktail Mix The Colors…

I started off as a frequent spray tan customer, but was having issues with the place I was getting them from.  After all of my calls weren’t returned, inconsistent spray tans, and then getting stood up…twice…I decided to look elsewhere.  When I really needed a spray tan on a Sunday and couldn’t find anyone to do it, I did my homework and realized there is a huge need in my area for a reliable spray tan person and decided I was going to go into business myself.

I googled “best spray tan solutions” and of course got hundreds of results. I read many reviews on all the brands I could find.  The most important factor for me was finding a spray tan that was not orange.  Orange tans were my biggest fear about spray tans.  When I found Fantasy Tan, I loved the fact that you are able to cocktail mix the colors and be creative and that you are able to look at someone’s skin tone and match it up with the different cocktail formulas.

In the beginning, I was worried about making someone look like a zebra.  I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler.  I am not artsy. I’m not good at painting. I was a nervous wreck that I was going to be awful at spray tanning. My first couple tans didn’t look so good, but by the 7th tan, I felt confident and knew I was good.  One of my customers even noticed a difference in my ability.  I give a lot of credit to the equipment though, not me.  I really feel like if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Katie Jordan

Owner of Luminosity, Maryland
Customer since August 2014