Only Fantasy Tan Sends Expert Trainers To Your Salon To Deliver Hands-on Training, Live And In Person... Other Companies Just Send A DVD And A Good Luck Card

We Consider Training An Investment
In Your Business… Not An Expense. The Other Guys’
Willingness To Invest In Your Success Is Nowhere
To Be Found.

At Fantasy Tan, our commitment is to your long-term success in the spray tanning business. That’s why we’re the only company that sends an expert trainer to your salon to train you and your technicians how to use our equipment. After a short explanation of how to set up the equipment, your techs will have our airbrush in their hands and will be applying tanning solution within an hour of starting training. No PowerPoint presentation or DVD can replicate that experience… and your technicians (not to mention your customers!) will be better off for it.

When you purchase your Fantasy Tan start-up package and caddy, we will schedule a mutually convenient time to train your people. You are welcome to bring up to 4 people to the training. Our expert trainer will bring THOUSANDS of hours of experience to your salon and work with your team on all the basics of applying a great-looking tan on real people.

What To Expect From Fantasy Tan's Onsite Training‌ From Before We Show Up, To The Day Of Training, And Beyond.To Say We “Show Up For A 4-Hour Training” Would Be Seriously Understating The Process
Fantasy Tan’s training is for salon owners who have made a serious commitment to spray tanning. Just “showing up” for training isn’t enough. There are preparations that must be made and there is ongoing certification and support on the back-end.We like to call our training methodology The 5 P's Of Training

The purpose of the hands-on training class is to provide you and your staff with the basic knowledge of solution formulas, application technique, and equipment use and maintenance. Our goal is to give you the knowledge to continue practicing and providing tans after the trainer has left. We don’t expect you to become spray tan experts in 4 hours. As you continue to practice, your skills will continue to develop. Your sessions will take less time and your solution usage will lower as you become more precise. Practice makes perfect!

The training class is designed for 3 technicians over a 4 hour time period. (If less than 3 technicians are trained, the session may not take the full 4 hours.) It is very important that this time remain uninterrupted. It is suggested that you schedule your training time during slow or closed business days to help avoid any delays. We request that you set aside an additional 3 hours to ensure your availability should our trainer experience a delay which is outside of our control (such as an extraordinary flight delay). You’ll provide the Training Coordinator with 3-5 dates and times you and your staff are available. She will then find a trainer that is available on the first date possible. She will reconfirm this date with you and send you an email confirmation. After the training has been scheduled, your trainer will contact you within 48 hours to personally introduce herself.

To prepare for this training, we recommend reading through the training manual. Write down any questions you have on topics that are not clear to you so you can remember to ask them during your training. You do not need to assemble any components on the equipment. Just plug in the power cord and make sure the machine fills up with air (15-20 seconds) and then shuts off. The fan in the back should keep running. (An instruction sheet comes with your packages.) When your trainer arrives, they will show you how to correctly assemble the components. Be sure to provide your models with the attached Pre-Tan, Post-Tan instructions so they can get the best tan results possible.

During the first hour or so of your training, your trainer will cover basic education on Fantasy Tan solutions, retail products and equipment set-up. We would like to encourage note taking and write your questions down along the way. The next 3 hours or so will cover hands-on spray technique and application. You will need to have 3 “models” to spray during this time. (All models need to be 18 years or older.) A normal spray session can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes, but because this is during training, expect to spend 30-45 minutes on each model. When the models are completed, your trainer will cover equipment cleaning as well as troubleshooting potential problems you might run into. This is also a good time to ask those questions that have not been covered.

Post Training
At the end of your training, your trainer will ask the owner to initial each line of the Training Schedule and print the names of the technicians who participated. Training certificates will be issued to these technicians. As you begin practicing over the next week or so, you will most likely run into some questions. The training manual and your notes are great resources for tips, tricks, and information. If these don’t answer your questions, you can always contact your account representative or a customer service representative at (630) 406-6011.


(About Training)

Q: What Is Your Training Method? Is It “Classroom” or “Hands-On” or Both?

A: We go with a hands-on approach from the very start. We’ve found that people tend to forget things they learn in a classroom and tend to remember things they see and do hands-on. We focus on the fundamentals of how to spray, then move to some more advanced techniques for solution blending, spraying detail areas, and making customers comfortable. But mostly we focus on spray technique!

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Q: What Is The Advantage Of Live Training?

A: They key to a great-looking spray tan is three-fold: 1) great equipment; 2) great tanning solutions; and 3) a qualified technician to apply the tan. Live training facilitates technician expertise by allowing the trainer to demonstrate the application techniques, then provide real-time feedback to the trainees. Video training has its place and its value; but nothing compares to hands-on instruction. You can’t learn to drive a car strictly by watching a video; you can’t learn to cut hair strictly by watching a video; you can’t learn to fill a cavity strictly by watching a video—and you can’t learn to apply a perfect spray tan strictly by watching a video.

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Q: How Long Does The Live Training Session Last?

A: We schedule them to last upto four hours, but we recommend that you clear 6 to 8 hours just to be sure. We will be sending a trainer from our corporate office in Chicago, and we’re a lot more concerned about getting the training DONE RIGHT than we are about getting in and out as fast as possible.

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Q: When Do You Conduct The Trainings? It’s Hard To Find A Time When We Don’t Have Customers…

A: Typically we conduct the trainings on a day when you’re either closed or comparatively slow. Sundays and Mondays are usually the best, but we’ll accommodate whatever day works best for you.

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Q: Will You Send A Trainer Again For FREE Later On If I Have New Technicians?

A: One on-site training session is included with your initial purchase. Additional training sessions can be quoted upon request. Training assistance and information is available via telephone, email, and online any time.

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Q: Do You Any Online Training?

A: We have a growing library of support videos that can be used as a supplement to a live hands-on training.

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Q: Do Any Other Companies Offer Live Training?

A: A couple of them do, but only under extraordinary circumstances. One company offers hands-on training in THEIR corporate offices, but since it’s expensive to travel, most salon owners who DO attend don’t bring their staff. This results in a salon owner who just learned the techniques herself trying to train others—not ideal. Another company has been known to offer live, on-site training if they feel it is necessary for them to land an equipment sale. Most companies, however, simply don’t offer live training at all. Fantasy Tan always includes live, on-site training as a standard feature of our equipment packages.

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Q: What Kind Of Support Is Available To Me After The Live Training Session?

A: We are always only a phone call away for ANYTHING you might need… from technique questions, to solution mixing questions, to equipment questions. Fantasy Tan’s support is second to none in this industry.

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